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Dare to find yours! Find out what is your workplace personality

Find out what is your workplace personality
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What drives you?

You’re in your early 20’s and you haven't figured it out yet? Van Gogh started painting at 27.

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How do you imagine your first day at a new job?

You are afraid to learn the skills for a new job? Harrison Ford spent 15 years as a self-taught carpenter.

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You want to work at Majorel because:

You are in your 30’s and haven’t found your passion yet? Vera Wang became a fashion designer at 40.

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How do you usually communicate?

You’re feeling lost? Francis Scott Fitzgerald was rejected 112 times before his first novel was published.

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How sociable are you?

You’re in your late 20’s and think you don’t have enough free time? Stephen King started as a janitor and wrote in his spare time.