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What drives you?

Changing the world we live in. Spiritual growth, always improving and growing. The essentials (money, having fun, traveling).

You’re in your early 20’s and you haven't figured it out yet? Van Gogh started painting at 27.

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How do you imagine your first day at a new job?

I spend the whole day checking all trainings and career path. I want to meet everyone and make friends with everyone. I’ll talk to my manager to find out the best ways to achieve my bonus.

You are afraid to learn the skills for a new job? Harrison Ford spent 15 years as a self-taught carpenter.

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You want to work at Majorel because:

I want to learn and develop my career. #justthereforthemoney. I want to meet new people.

You are in your 30’s and haven’t found your passion yet? Vera Wang became a fashion designer at 40.

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How do you usually communicate?

I like to talk on the phone and through social media. I usually think a lot before I speak (regardless of the channel). Not too much chit-chat, I like to talk business.

You’re feeling lost? Francis Scott Fitzgerald was rejected 112 times before his first novel was published.

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How sociable are you?

I can’t live without people around me. I like people, as long they don’t bug me. Does sports count?

You’re in your late 20’s and think you don’t have enough free time? Stephen King started as a janitor and wrote in his spare time.